Hi! My name is Juan Castro.

Software I use

  • OS: Arch Linux. When breaks, NixOS
  • DE: KDE Plasma 5. When I want to feel like a super hacker, then dwm or herbstluftwm
  • Text editor (and file manager, and email client, and agenda and…): Emacs
  • Office suite: Libre office, I don't use it very often though
  • Web browser: Firefox

About the site

This webpage is generated from org-mode files thanks to org-publish. The appearance is a fork of hugo's archie theme, with some modifications and colors from the dracula theme. The server is a VPS by Vultr running Debian 10, and the site is served by nginx.


  • I'm on GitHub!
  • I'm on gemini! Check my capsule at gemini://gem.juancastro.xyz (proxy). Everything here is there, with some extra posts.
  • I'm on the fediverse! Follow me at juacq97@mstdn.mx
  • Email: juan@juancastro.xyz