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Hi! My name is Juan Castro.

  • I like computers, specially things related to GNU/Linux

  • I'm a mathematics teacher in Junior High School

  • I'm from Mexico

  • I don't have social media, just a mastodon account that I don't use very often

Software I use

  • OS: Arch Linux, btw.

  • DE: KDE Plasma 5. When I want to feel like a super hacker, then dwm or herbstluftwm. Recenlty I been trying Sway.

  • Text editor (and file manager, and email client, and agenda and…): Emacs, but when I use Plasma I use Kate instead.

  • Office suite: Libre office, I don't use it very often though

  • Web browser: Chromium

About the site

This webpage is generated with the help of Hugo. Before it was generated from org-mode files thanks to org-publish, but I migrated to Hugo so it's easy to mantain two languages and and RSS feed. The server is a VPS by Vultr running Debian 10, and the site is served by nginx.


  • I'm on GitHub!

  • I'm on the fediverse! Follow me at

  • Email: