About me

My name is Juan Castro, I'm Mexican and I'm interested in technology, reading and videogames.

Talking about technology, I can say that about 5 years ago I started using GNU/Linux on my computers and since then I never looked back; I started with Xubuntu 16.04 and currently I use Arch Linux, btw. Similarly, about 3 years ago I started using Tiling Window Managers instead of the typical desktop environments, After starting with i3 and living a long time on bspwm. I currently move between dwm, herbstluftwm and EXWM.

Despite my liking and interest in technology and programming, my studies are in education, specifically I have a degree in secondary education with a specialization in mathematics, or in other words, I am a math teacher. Since I was a child I said I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up, and I must say that it's a profession that I really enjoy and has given me wonderful experiences, despite all the problems and difficulties that this work represents, both in daily practice and in the political and social sphere.

You will not find me in any mainstream social network. I have never actively used Twitter, although my account that I used to contact the electricity service must still be there. I deleted my Facebook account two years ago, which was where I spent most of my time, and I don't regret it! Today I usually spend my time on sites like Youtube (only because it has no alternative, but I have an eye on LBRY which seems to grow quite fast), reddit and from time to time 4chan. I have a Mastodon account, you can follow me at juanito@mstdn.mx

If you want to contact me you can also send me an email to juacq97@tutanota.com

About this website

A while ago I wanted to start a blog, and I started writing on a WriteFreely instance called qua.name. Eventually I migrated to Github Pages and Hugo to have more control over the content and, mainly, to be able to write in both Spanish and English and link the posts that were in both languages easily. You can read my blog here.

Recently I rented a VPS and I decided to continue my writings there. This website is the result. Is written in Emacs org-mode and generated thanks to the org-publish command. Very cool I must say. I also have a gemini capsule, actually that capsule was my motivation to continue writing! Gemini really excites me, not only because it's a small protocol, but because it's simple, easy to set up compared to a web page, and I can focus on writing mainly instead of style sheets or color schemes.

Technical and nerd stuff about the site:

  • It runs on a VPS running Debian 10
  • It uses nginx as server
  • I followed the tutorial by Luke Smith to set it
  • It doesn't run any javascript AFAIK
  • I generate all the HTML from org files, they're exported with org-publish.


  • I like computers, specially things related to GNU/Linux
  • I'm a math teacher. I believe in the public education
  • I don't have social media
  • My email: juacq97@tutanota.com